Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, is a prime example of the modern hybrid roller coaster, seamlessly blending wooden structure with steel track technology. This coaster, which opened in May 2015, was a transformative renovation of the original Colossus, a classic dual-track wooden roller coaster that had been a park staple since 1978. The transformation was undertaken by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), renowned for revitalizing classic wooden coasters with their innovative IBox track technology.

Twisted Colossus stretches a total of 4,990 feet in length (when both tracks are combined), making it one of the longest hybrid coasters in the world. It reaches a height of 121 feet and boasts a top speed of 57 miles per hour. The ride experience, lasting about 3 minutes and 40 seconds, is unique in that it features a “mobius loop” layout. This design allows riders to experience both tracks of the former dual-track coaster in a single ride, offering a continuous, exhilarating journey.

The coaster’s layout is a thrilling blend of steep drops, high-speed banked turns, and a total of 18 airtime moments. One of the most notable features of Twisted Colossus is its two inversions, including a Zero-G Roll and a unique “Top Gun Stall” – an inversion where the train slows down upside down. Additionally, the ride includes several “high five” elements, where the trains on the two tracks tilt inward toward each other, creating a sense of interaction and competition between riders.

Thematically, Twisted Colossus retains some of the nostalgic elements of the original Colossus while infusing modern aesthetics and theming that align with its updated, more intense ride experience. The queue area and surrounding theming pay homage to the coaster’s history while celebrating its new identity.

Since its transformation, Twisted Colossus has been lauded for its innovative design and dynamic ride experience. It’s a standout attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain, known for its collection of world-class roller coasters. The ride has been praised for its smoothness, the uniqueness of the Mobius loop concept, and the thrilling interaction between the two tracks.

Twisted Colossus is a rebirth of a classic, blending traditional wooden coaster elements with modern steel coaster technology. Its innovative design, thrilling elements, and unique Mobius loop layout make it a must-ride for coaster enthusiasts and a highlight of the Six Flags Magic Mountain experience.


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