Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky, stands out in the roller coaster world for its unique design and engineering. Opened in April 2016, this coaster was crafted by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), a company typically known for converting wooden coasters into steel-tracked hybrid coasters. However, in a departure from their usual projects, Storm Chaser is an all-steel conversion, built upon the structure of the former Twisted Twins, a wooden coaster previously located at the park. This transformation showcases RMC’s versatility and innovative approach in roller coaster design.

The coaster boasts a height of 100 feet and features a unique 109-foot barrel roll drop, an inversion right at the start of the ride, which is a rare and thrilling element. Storm Chaser reaches a top speed of 52 miles per hour and its track stretches over 2,744 feet. The ride duration is approximately 2 minutes, filled with a series of dynamic elements that provide a high-energy, exhilarating experience.

Storm Chaser’s layout includes a series of airtime hills, offering riders multiple moments of weightlessness. It also features a variety of inversions, including a dive loop, a zero-G roll, and a corkscrew, making it a standout for its variety and intensity among hybrid coasters. The ride is known for its smoothness and re-rideability, traits that are characteristic of RMC’s hybrid conversions.

The theming of Storm Chaser is minimal, focusing more on the ride experience itself. The coaster’s sleek design and the speed of the trains enhance the feeling of chasing through a storm, fitting the ride’s name. The coaster’s presence in the park has revitalized the area, drawing both coaster enthusiasts and general park visitors.

Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom is a significant example of the innovative and thrilling possibilities in modern coaster design. Its combination of a unique barrel roll drop, multiple inversions, and airtime hills, along with the smooth and intense ride experience, makes it a must-ride attraction for visitors to the park.


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