The New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, stands as a pivotal roller coaster in the theme park industry, marking the transition into a new era of coaster design. Opened in April 2011, this coaster is significant for being the first-ever hybrid roller coaster, featuring a combination of a steel track on a wooden structure. The transformation was undertaken by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), a company that would later become renowned for its innovative approach to roller coaster design.

Originally built as the “Texas Giant” in 1990, a traditional wooden coaster, the ride underwent a comprehensive overhaul, reemerging as the New Texas Giant. The revamp involved replacing the wooden track with RMC’s signature steel IBox track, which drastically improved the ride’s smoothness and allowed for more dynamic elements.

The New Texas Giant reaches a height of 153 feet and features a steep 79-degree first drop, plunging riders down 147 feet. The coaster spans a lengthy 4,200 feet and reaches a top speed of 65 miles per hour. The ride duration is about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, offering a thrilling and varied experience.

One of the most notable aspects of the New Texas Giant is its series of overbanked turns and airtime hills. The coaster’s layout includes several steep, banked turns, some of which are angled at more than 90 degrees, providing a unique sensation of weightlessness and excitement. The ride also features a series of hills that deliver significant airtime, a characteristic that has become a hallmark of RMC designs.

Thematically, the New Texas Giant retains the original Texas Giant’s western motif, but with updated elements to reflect its new identity. The ride’s trains were also redesigned, featuring a sleek, modern look that complements the coaster’s revamped structure and performance.

Since its debut, the New Texas Giant has been lauded for its innovative design and exciting ride experience. It has received numerous awards and has been a critical and popular success, often cited as the catalyst for the hybrid coaster movement that RMC would lead in the following years.

The New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas is a groundbreaking attraction that marks a significant milestone in roller-coaster history. Its transformation from a traditional wooden coaster to a smooth, high-thrill hybrid model set a new standard in the industry and paved the way for future innovations in coaster design.


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