Mystic Timbers at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, is a critically acclaimed wooden roller coaster that has captivated enthusiasts and park visitors since its debut in April 2017. Crafted by Great Coasters International (GCI), a company renowned for its innovative wooden coaster designs, Mystic Timbers stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and evolution of wooden roller coasters.

Mystic Timbers stretches 3,265 feet in length and reaches a height of 109 feet, offering an exhilarating ride that blends traditional wooden coaster charm with modern design elements. The coaster features a series of dynamic, airtime-filled hills and sharp, quick turns, reaching a top speed of 53 miles per hour. The ride experience is both smooth and intense, a characteristic of GCI’s coaster designs, providing an enjoyable experience for a wide range of guests.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Mystic Timbers is its theming, centered around a mysterious and abandoned lumber company in a wooded area. The ride’s storyline adds an element of intrigue and suspense, as riders are warned about the unknown lurking in the woods. This narrative is woven throughout the ride experience, from the queue line to the coaster’s thematic elements, enhancing the overall immersion.

The ride’s finale is particularly noteworthy, featuring a unique and highly discussed element known as the “shed.” As the coaster approaches the end, it slows down and enters an enclosed structure where riders are surprised with various audio-visual effects, adding an unexpected twist to the traditional wooden coaster experience.

Mystic Timbers has been lauded for its thrilling layout, smooth ride, and engaging theme. It has received numerous awards and high rankings in the roller coaster community, often praised for its airtime and re-rideability.

Mystic Timbers at Kings Island is an immersive experience that combines the thrill of a high-speed ride with the intrigue of a well-crafted story. Its combination of a smooth, airtime-filled ride, engaging theming, and the mysterious finale in the shed makes it a standout attraction and a must-ride for visitors to the park.


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