Lightning Rod at Dollywood, which debuted in June 2016 as the world’s first launched wooden roller coaster, is a prime example of innovation and evolution in the roller coaster industry. This pioneering ride, crafted by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), initially stretched 3,800 feet in length, reaching a height of 207 feet, and boasted a top speed of 73 miles per hour, securing its title as the world’s fastest wooden coaster at the time.

The original ride experience, lasting about 2 minutes, was defined by its initial launch—a groundbreaking feature for a wooden coaster. Using a linear synchronous motor (LSM) system, riders were propelled up the first hill at exhilarating speeds. This layout included a 165-foot drop at 73 degrees and a series of wave turns and airtime moments, offering an intense and dynamic journey. However, the LSM launch system encountered reliability issues, leading to operational challenges.

Addressing these challenges, Dollywood and RMC made significant changes. In 2021, part of the wooden track was replaced with RMC’s steel IBox track, enhancing the ride’s smoothness and durability. This hybrid track design maintained the essence of a wooden coaster while allowing for a smoother and more reliable experience.

Further modifications are underway for the 2024 season, with the replacement of the LSM launch system with a traditional chain lift hill. This change aims to improve the ride’s overall reliability and operational consistency, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for guests.

Throughout these transformations, Lightning Rod has maintained its core appeal. The theming, inspired by 1950s hot rod culture, immerses riders in the high-energy world of drag racing, complete with trains designed to resemble classic hot rods. The ride’s thrilling layout and airtime hills continue to deliver an exhilarating experience, now enhanced by the smoother and more durable hybrid track.

These updates reflect Dollywood’s commitment to innovation and guest satisfaction, balancing the original thrilling elements of Lightning Rod with practical and necessary enhancements. Despite the changes in propulsion and track design, Lightning Rod remains a unique blend of traditional wooden structure and modern engineering. It stands as a testament to the evolving nature of coaster technology and design, continuing to be a must-experience ride for visitors at Dollywood.


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