Goliath at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, is a notable roller coaster that stands out for its impressive design and record-breaking elements. Opened in June 2014, Goliath was constructed by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), a company renowned for its innovative approach to roller coaster design, particularly in creating hybrid coasters that combine wooden structures with steel tracks.

At the time of its opening, Goliath broke three world records for wooden coasters: the tallest drop at 180 feet, the steepest drop at 85 degrees, and the fastest speed at 72 miles per hour. These impressive statistics immediately placed Goliath in the spotlight as a must-ride coaster for thrill enthusiasts.

Spanning 3,100 feet in length, Goliath’s layout is packed with exhilarating features. Apart from its record-breaking drop, the coaster includes two inversions – a rarity for wooden coasters. These inversions consist of a dive loop and a zero-G stall, providing riders with a unique and thrilling experience that combines the classic feel of a wooden coaster with the dynamics of a steel coaster.

The theming of Goliath is minimal, focusing instead on the ride experience itself. The coaster’s massive wooden structure and striking presence make it a centerpiece attraction at Six Flags Great America. The trains are designed to be sleek and fast, adding to the overall sense of speed and power that Goliath embodies.

Since its debut, Goliath has been acclaimed for its groundbreaking design and intense ride experience. It is celebrated for pushing the boundaries of what wooden coasters can achieve in terms of height, speed, and inversion elements. Goliath quickly became a fan favorite and has received numerous accolades in the roller coaster community.

Goliath at Six Flags Great America is s a testament to modern coaster technology and design. Its combination of record-breaking elements, inversions, and the hybrid nature of its construction make it a standout attraction and a significant milestone in the evolution of wooden roller coasters.


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